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Published on September 29th, 2014 | by Jerry & Pat Hocek


Moving Faster…

If this thing called life begins to move any faster, we’ll need to install guardrails. Last month, we were reminded to unplug regularly by sitting still and clearing our minds. Many of us may be addicted to activity (present company included). Some of you are aware that Pat and I have operated a Thai restaurant together for the last 10 years, and we are currently involved in at least two other ventures besides this magazine. All of this does keep life interesting, even though it can be too much at times, but we manage.

So do you—we all make it work somehow. Perhaps the key for us is that we keep it fun and try not to take anything too seriously. In any case, we’re sure that being addicted to activity is probably better than being addicted to suffering. We recently caught a YouTube video by Gangaji, an American born spiritual teacher and author. She speaks extensively on the subject of suffering and specifically, why we choose to do it. With winter approaching, give some assistance to those that may be suffering needlessly by asking them to get off the cross… because we can use the wood. That little joke usually begins to disengage their negative thought patterns. Try it out.

We have been quietly working behind the scenes to bring you more than just this fantastic magazine. I’ll keep it a mystery for now. Tune into the publisher’s letter next month to get a full update.

I have to mention that Dr. Doug Pucci, in Oradell, sent us a top-notch article this month “Statins, Neuropathic Pain and Cholesterol,” on page 27. That reminds me that I have seen several articles from legitimate sources recently that state big pharma’s antidepressants tend to decrease the density of serotonin receptors over time. We welcome someone from the medical community to report on this in the form of an article that we would publish. Please contact us for article writing style guidelines.

If you’re feeling stuck or wish to design a more fulfilling life, be sure to read “Higher Brain Living,” on pages 9 and 18.

Did you know about the peaceful Icelandic revolution that took place over the last five years? If you don’t, it is likely because it was never televised or talked about very much at all on mainstream news. During the financial turmoil of 2008 and 2009, the people of Iceland forced their government and banks to resign. How did they do this? Peacefully. Perhaps we should all be taking some notes. You can read about it here:

Go and enjoy the fall foliage. If you’re looking to unplug from your current reality for a while, we’re not aware of a better place to witness the foliage than Onteora Mountain House, near Woodstock, New York. We call it our natural tranquilizer. For more information, visit


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