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Published on December 31st, 2014 | by Natural Awakenings Northern New Jersey


Past Lives, Xenoglossy, Cellular Memory and Mozart

by June Marshall

Some people are skeptical about the existence of past lives because they don’t remember them. One of the reasons for not remembering is that the human mind is not the vehicle for getting in touch with that aspect of ourselves. Nevertheless, the human mind can be a tool for expressing or demonstrating past lives. Numerous documented cases exist of people that have spontaneously spoken a language they never studied or even heard spoken. This phenomenon is known as xenoglossy.

Dr. Ian Stevenson writes about it in his book, Unlearned Language: New Studies in Xenoglossy. He applies rigorous laboratory conditions to his findings, which have been verified by other scientists as part of his scientific method. They can become completely fluent and able to easily converse with native speakers. Brazilian medium Carlos Mirabelli spoke and wrote in more than 30 languages, including Syrian and Japanese in front of scientists and crowds up to 5,000.

In some cases, subjects under trance have communicated in languages no longer used or those known only to a handful of experts. How can we account for the phenomenon of xenoglossy? Is it like the genius of Mozart? His 5-year-old mind was already able to compose whole symphonies. They would come to him completely, note after brilliant note, as a whole, as if this ability was the continuation of his abilities from other lives.

The fact that much of xenoglossy is elicited under a trance state illustrates that the filter of our time-bound thinking apparatus has been turned off. This allows buried memories to come to the surface and express themselves without the conscious mind getting in the way.

Henry Ford is one of many geniuses who ascribed their astounding skills and knowledge to more than one lifetime of practice and experience. He has said, “I adopted the theory of reincarnation when I was 26. Genius is experience. Some seem to think that it is a gift or talent, but it is the fruit of long experience in many lives.” General George Patton claimed he acquired his military prowess on ancient battlefields. Napoleon was fond of telling his generals that in a previous life he was Charlemagne. It’s as if superhuman abilities such as Mozart’s are imprinted in the DNA as part of their cellular memory.

Cellular memory bypasses the mechanism of the active brain. It accounts for why we may not be able to consciously remember past lives but nevertheless carry their patterns with us. We do not know how or why a 5-year-old Mozart could compose a symphony for numerous instruments perfectly at the first attempt. He believed he had been a musician in many past lives and this was the only way he could account for his uncanny talent.

Cellular memory is taking on more credibility from case studies. This is particularly true for cases where people with heart transplants spontaneously begin to manifest the tastes, talents, and quirks of their heart donor. In her article, “Knowing by Heart, Cellular Memory in Heart Transplants,” Kate Ruth Linton cites numerous examples of this phenomenon. Researchers are beginning to gain more of an understanding about past lives and cellular memory which could also lead to greater knowledge of ourselves as eternal souls.

June Marshall is a spiritual coach who focuses on subjects that expand ours consciousness and awareness of their
spiritual dimensions and gifts. To enroll in seminars starting in Montvale on Feb. 14, call 201-677-8565 or visit

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