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Published on February 28th, 2015 | by Christina Kuepper


Alternative Cleansing Techniques on the Rise

With an ever-growing toxic burden on our bodies, it is more critical than ever to take time to clear it. People might be surprised to learn that radionuclides, pesticides, pathogens, radon and lead are allowed in our water supply within permissible limits. There is nothing permissible about ingesting these highly toxic elements, no matter how small the dose. That’s not even considering the chlorine and fluoride also found in water, which can have harmful effects on the body. Even with so many organic options available, many people still choose to eat from the “Dirty Dozen” list, consuming insecticides, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and GMOs. So, with this seemingly uphill battle, it may seem difficult to stay healthy.

With BioAcoustics, we can take a voice print, run it through highly specialized software and find out exactly what the toxic burden is in our body. With Biophoton therapy, the effects of radiation, chlorine, fluorine and heavy metals can be cleared to bring the body back into balance. Both modalities are non-invasive and have zero side effects. The hormonal system is the first to take a hit from these toxins. It is no surprise that so many couples are struggling with infertility; childhood obesity is at a record high; the number of diabetics has tripled in the last 30 years; andcancer patients and the different types of cancer are also dramatically increasing—yet cancer is a symptom of something wrong in the body. Perhaps we should be digging deeper to find the cause and eliminate that.

Western medicine is known for its advanced diagnostic capabilities. Eastern medicine is known for prevention of illnesses. If we focus on prevention, we keep our bodies healthy so that illness doesn’t have a chance to take root. Our focus should be to bring the body back to homeostasis so that it can handle exposure to toxins without being compromised. Other practices include juicing, liver/gallbladder cleanses, far-infrared saunas and body brushing to clean the skin, our largest organ. Cleansing also includes eating clean, organic foods, pure water and getting exercise.

The easiest way to clean our bodies is to know what’s out of balance. Between BioPhoton therapy and BioAcoustics, we can know exactly what the body needs to regain balance, so an action plan can be written and progress can be measured. In our toxic society, it’s reassuring to know that simple solutions are available. So while spring cleaning the closets, take time to consider the body and make an appointment for a complete evaluation.

For more information, call 201-312-9223 or visit LightworkLady.com.

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