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Published on March 1st, 2016 | by Natural Awakenings Staff



 The hip flexor is among one of the most commonly tight muscles in the human body, and a tight hip flexor often is the cause of back pain and can ultimately lead to other imbalances in body as well, impinging on movement. Frequently, the source of the hip flexor’s tightening is simply the act of sitting for long periods at a time. Particularly among those adults holding office jobs, the average amount of time spent sitting is eight hours a day. Children, however, tend to be more active, and not only are they able to squat deeply effortlessly, but they can remain squatting for quite some time. This is because children do not often sit still, and the resulting benefit is a strong hip flexor.

Once we adopt the habit of sitting for a length of time in a chair, the outcome is a gradual relaxing of the hip flexor and psoas, which ultimately leads to chronic weakening of the hip complex. The habit of sitting also results in the gluteus to become weak. Regularly sitting for extended periods additionally promotes an anterior pelvic tilt, which over time leads to imbalance in the length and tension of the opposing muscles in the hip and low back region. Eventually, it is this pelvic tilt that is often the root cause of most back pain. This condition can be corrected.

An initial movement assessment is conducted to reveal any issues with the hip flexor. Whatever problems are identified are then factored into the design of a customized training program. In the case of a tight hip flexor, specific stretches and corrective movements may be undertaken to loosen and relax it before moving onto strengthening the gluteus. An active hip flexor stretch really sets the basis for more complex exercises like the squat reach and hamstring stretch.

All 4 Endurance is located at Good Life Training Studio, 300 Knickerbocker Rd., Ste. 1800, in Cresskill, NJ . For more information, email pvitanzo@all4endurance. com or call 201-400-1905.

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