Published on April 30th, 2016 | by Crila Laforest and Momo Laredo


Ingredients for a Triple Bond Relationship Cocktail

by Crila Laforest and Momo Laredo

The first elements come naturally to most people in love. Romance overflows, while the relationship is fresh. Both individuals show their very best selves and are quite eager to please each other. Anticipation of the next encounter can be intense at this early stage, and romance is quite effortless and can be expressed through even the slightest of gestures.

When all the senses are fired up by new love, intimacy is another foolproof element. It can flow with such abandon that it may feel like nature is simply taking place between two consenting humans, but here is where the tricky part comes; in the attraction phase, humans experience all kinds of wonderful, mind-altering states brought on by adrenalin, dopamine and serotonin, as well as other hormonal shifts caused by the fresh love attraction. It’s the addiction to these feelings that sends most lovers madly in search of a new conquest. Because this phase isn’t permanent, couples invariably feel let down once the cycle of overflowing hormones has calmed, and they either move on to perceived greener pastures or gamely accept a more toned down version of the rush they first felt for each other.

This is where the third ingredient for the relationship cocktail comes to a timely rescue. Cultivating a beautiful friendship within a love relationship may ultimately be the key factor that bests holds couples together in the long term. By intimately getting to know each other’s minds and personalities; not just how good their bodies feel together, a couple stands a much better chance of preserving a permanent relationship.

If this doesn’t sound as exciting as infatuation or romance, it should be said that friendship within romantic love is very different than the “best friend” type. The former includes kindness, affection, admiration, compassion, humor and having the utmost fun as a couple gets to know each other, all while continuing romantic gestures and remaining intimate sexually, emotionally and intellectually. This triple bond is love’s best bet to gracefully move through all the stages of a relationship to ensure that it remains a long-lasting mutually fulfilling experience.

Crila Laforest and Momo Laredo are audio/visual content producers that operate the multimedia company Crimomedia and contributing writers for Natural Awakenings magazine. For more information, visit

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