Spotlight Essential Oils for Emotional Rebalancing

Published on August 31st, 2016 | by Erica Hill


Essential Oils for Emotional Rebalancing

Emotions are like energy in motion. They are meant to be felt in the moment, processed, and then pass through our bodies. If a child breaks hermother’s favorite vase. She will be upset, even angry for a while, but she should be able to process the emotion of anger in a reasonable period of time and then move on. That anger should not become stuck or trapped in her mind and body to be brought up to the child repeatedly over months or even years.

Some emotions such as grief or sadness are not processed so quickly and may never fully go away. It is important to know how to manage those types of emotions so that we are not mentally crippled in our daily lives yet do not forget those that have meant so much to us. By releasing the energetic resonance, or vibration of them, we lessen the impact of our thoughts, actions and behavior. This is one distinct advantage of emotional rebalancing.

The use of high-quality, authentic essential oils can have a profound effect on people when used in conjunction with emotional rebalancing. They have a powerful effect on the limbic brain, which controls moods and can rejuvenate and elevate the body and mind. The oils can quickly help us to become calm, achieve balance, reduce stress, be more alert and uplifted and less depressed and anxious. A few drops of an essential oil can provide therapeutic benefits that allow us to heal physically and emotionally.

A combination called Renew creates a dramatic improvement in feelings and attitude that is often quickly and easily noticed. Diffusing essential oils and applying them topically can help clients to relax more easily into their emotional rebalancing session, thereby allowing them to release more emotions and process them more quickly.

Erica Hill is a certified natural healthcare educator and Emotion Code practitioner in Ridgewood, NJ. To schedule an appointment, call Alternatives For Wellness at 201-444-7407

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Erica Hill is a certified natural health care educator and Emotion Code practitioner in Ridgewood, NJ. To schedule an appointment,call Alternatives For Wellness at 201-444-7407, or visit

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