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Published on October 2nd, 2017 | by Natural Awakenings Northern New Jersey


Bridge to a More Expansive Reality

Humanity is a collective species. Individually, we have our degrees of agency with ourselves, our family, our loved ones, our friends and our community. We are also on a collective journey that is unfolding around us at an accelerating pace. Much will be asked of us, and much will be expected. Intense times foreshadow increased opportunities for growth. First we need to be resilient, then we need to understand that we have the capacity for re-adaptation and finally, we need to engage with our renewal.

We need to settle down and behave. It does not matter what our individual and varied religious, spiritual, philosophical, social or any other beliefs are. In the end, we will all be forced to work toward a better future. It will, indeed, be work, but not the kind that offers financial incentives. Our incentives will be different—and much, much more significant. We will be called on to practice our sense of integrity and decency like we’ve never practiced it before. How we think affects everything, and what we are is the result of everything we have ever thought. Let there be nothing to fear.

The ideas we manifest become a part of the physical world we experience. We have been informed of this many times, yet it is difficult for the reality of this statement to sink in. In a way, we are buffered against such realizations, as if some channel is cut off within us. It is my understanding that this connection, this bridge to a more expansive reality, is being reconnected once again, and if we wish to stimulate this reconnecting process, then we need to shed old and worn-out ideas and beliefs. Our mire of duality, conflict, strife and discord no longer supports the place where we need to be. Yet we also need to have the courage to face what is manifesting in our lives in order to transform those moments within our very selves.

Jerry & Pat Hocek, Publishers

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