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Published on May 15th, 2018 | by Jerry & Pat Hocek


Clearing Patterns

I’m in an interesting position. Aside from the need to adhere to a layout and print deadline once a month, my lifestyle is pretty footloose and fancy-free. I’ve also been single for a while now, and that certainly supports more freedom. I’m also fairly busy, but I don’t have any type of set routine on most days, so I tend to operate to a good extent on pure intuition and awareness. This has allowed me the opportunity to develop a new manner of relating to my reality.

Once I cleared enough of my baggage, I began seeing that everything is here to support me, guide me, teach me or show me something, and there are also events that occur simply for the sake of pure experience. This is an excellent attitude to adopt. Once we do enough good internal work, we are then aware enough to see why certain potentially undesirable circumstance continue to reoccur in our lives.

These are the patterns that we may eventually recognize so that we can change the behavior that attracts the unwanted circumstances. Issues that we need to address may be easy to recognize, because they are typically rooted in some type of conflicting experience. Just as the squeaky wheel gets the grease, a disturbance is simply a notice informing you that a particular situation or area of your life requires attention and change.

Relationships can have a way of driving people into counseling or therapy. This is favorable because if you’re doing therapy right, it provides a framework to get honest with yourself… to see yourself past the veil of your ego, fears and desires. If you have an effective therapist and are willing to do the good work, the rewards can be life-changing. On the flip side, avoiding what’s at the core of your issues will perpetuate the patterns that are now active in your life, hence Albert Einstein’s proverb; “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

The unwise look to blame and often subscribe to a victim mentality. The wise will “improvise, adapt and overcome”, as the Marines are trained to do. The latter approach tends to neutralize all forms of excuses and leaves you with no direction to move but forward past your challenges. Oohrah!

Jerry & Pat Hocek, Publishers

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