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Effective Pain Relief and More Through CranioSacral Therapy

by Catherine Perman

CranioSacral Therapy restores the natural, internal rhythm of your body to allow for self-healing and better health and wellness. It is a gentle, hands-on method of evaluating and enhancing the functioning of the physiological body system called the craniosacral system. The craniosacral system is comprised of the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord.

Why is it beneficial?

By freeing the central nervous system to perform at its best, CranioSacral Therapy naturally reduces pain and stress, strengthens your resistance to disease and enhances your health and well-being. And, because it’s so gentle, CranioSacral Therapy has proven effective for all ages, from newborns to elders.

This unique therapy releases the internal tension and restrictions affecting the brain and spinal cord, which allows the entire body to relax and self-correct. As the natural rhythm and movement of cerebrospinal fluid that surrounds the brain and spinal cord are restored, clients experience natural healing and internal re-balancing. When restrictions are released, they activate self-healing capacities to relieve pain-causing dysfunctions in various parts of our body. The therapy has been effective in resolving long-held lesions, pain, migraines, head and backache discomforts, TMJ disorder and other neurological conditions, including emotional, memory and sleep issues.

How did it begin?

CranioSacral Therapy was developed by Dr. John E. Upledger (Upledger.com), an osteopathic physician featured in TIME magazine as one of America’s next wave of innovators. From 1975 to 1983, Dr. Upledger was a professor of biomechanics at the Michigan State University, College of Osteopathic Medicine. While he was there, he led a team of anatomists, physiologists, biophysicists and bioengineers that performed and published the clinical research which formed the basis for the modality he named CranioSacral Therapy

How did CranioSacral begin for me?

As a professional opera singer for many decades, my CranioSacral Therapist gave me a cutting edge for my profession. Every time I left a session, I felt something profound had shifted in me and I indeed had a new lease on life. So much that I felt inspired to train only to find that each and every colleague benefitted tremendously. The potency of CranioSacral Therapy never ceases to amaze me, each and every time.

Here we are almost 40 years later since Dr. Upledger released his techniques to the world, and most people still have no idea how important and powerful CranioSacral Therapy is for each and every person. I am here to inform and educate.


Stress, Headaches – I feel happier, lighter and like a weight has been lifted off of me! Jane S.

Anxiety, Migraines – Thanks Catherine! I feel so great! Whatever you did relaxed me! Adele W.

Blurred Vision I had been to four ophthalmologists and no one had an explanation for my blurry vision. After one session with Catherine, I got up from the table and my vision was perfectly clear. Amazing! Thank you so much! Karen T.

ADD, TMJ, Headaches – My headaches and lower back pain was gone and the clicking in my jaw ceased. Most importantly Catherine was able to relieve my symptoms of ADD over time, allowing me to be more focused, calm and function without medication. Jose A.

Neck Pain, TMJ, Teeth Grinding – After 20 years of wearing a mouth guard at night, I do not need it anymore! My jaw totally shifted to normal! Whew! Rena E.

Vision, Hearing – My vision is clearer and I’m totally hearing different tonalities on my favorite CDs. Susan C.

Catherine Perman LMT has a practice in Fort Lee, NJ, called BODY THERAPEUTICS, Integrative Body Balancing Treatments. She uses CranioSacral Therapy on all her clients, along with other holistic manual modalities pertinent to each client’s needs and goals. 917-701-1162 iahp.com/Catherine-Perman.


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