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Published on August 31st, 2020 | by Natural Awakenings Publishing Corp.


Body & Brain Yoga Month Special

Body & Brain yoga regards the brain as the central control system for our body and its energy system. They are offering a National Yoga Month special: an in-person or online introductory evaluation session for $10 in September. Training is designed to develop mastership of the body and mind through physical movements, breath work and energy meditation. It is organized into four components.

The first component is meridian stretching. Used primarily as preparation for more intense activities, it loosens the upper body and strengthens the lower body with stretches to relax the muscles and open the joints for increased strength and flexibility.

The second step is meditative breathing, which combines sequential static postures with focused breathing. This facilitates energy accumulation and circulation throughout the body, including the chakras and meridians.

Third is their signature tai chi training, which combines Eastern energy principles and traditional Korean healing martial arts. Practitioners train the basic foot and hand movements of tai chi and learn to strengthen the body’s energy system through proper breathing and mental concentration. The discipline required by the training relaxes the brain and develops body awareness and coordination. It is effective for enhancing the mind/body connection and helps develop balance and physical power.

The fourth component is energy meditation, which brings stillness of mind and increases sensitivity to ki energy. As energy sense grows, the mind/body connection increases. In this deep meditative state, the body goes to the rest and digest state, relieving the mind and body of our stress. This peace is what often attracts people to yoga.

Body & Brain Yoga/Tai Chi has locations in Ramsey, Wayne, Ridgefield and Wyckoff. To schedule an appointment, visit


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