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Published on October 31st, 2020 | by Dian Freeman


Vitamin C is Key to Disease Control

Many people are living in fear of a virus because they are ignorant of the way viruses work and how to handle them. It is a simple fix. People only manifest symptoms of sickness when they catch a corona or flu virus because these viruses deplete the body of vitamin C. How much vitamin C is needed is dependent on how virulent a virus is or becomes. We can fight such viruses or simply outlast them, because these viruses all act the same way. They run their course, then are gone. If we know how they work, we can outlast them.

Corona, flu and other viruses work by depleting vitamin C in the body. Vitamin C is responsible for directing the protein we eat to make connective tissue like those that make up cell, vessel, organ and bowel walls and the ligaments and tendons that are used to make bone.

By staying ahead of the depletion of vitamin C and protein, almost anyone can survive a virus.  Even surviving the most virulent virus known, Ebola, can be successfully accomplished by non-stop vitamin C given through an IV. However, the severe and fast loss of vitamin C caused by this virus can lead to a patient’s lungs filling up or bleeding to death because often an IV often cannot replace vitamin C as fast as it is being depleted. Because one of the valuable functions of vitamin C is ‘wall’ integrity, the total depletion of vitamin C by the Ebola virus causes the vessel walls to disintegrate and bleeding to death will follow.

Viral pneumonia will also deplete vitamin C, as will the flu. It is their nature. Tiny walls of alveoli and bronchi are weakened, causing the lungs to overproduce fluids to patch the weakness.  The lungs fill with fluids. Tiny capillary walls weaken when lacking enough vitamin C and protein to keep them strong.  When they leak, the body produces tiny clots to path the holes. These are designed to act like scabs to plug the leak. The clots can be pushed in the blood stream by farther wall depletion and can then stick to each other, causing larger clots to form.

Other symptoms will occur from vitamin C depletion, like aches and pains in ligaments and connective tissue, whose integrity also depends upon vitamin C and protein. There can be weakness of organ function, also dependent upon vitamin C and protein levels, plus varying degrees of scurvy symptoms, bruising and bleeding. Such deterioration may be accompanied by opportunistic bacterial infections, due to a weakened immune system trying to fight the viral infection. This is what all viruses have in common: vitamin C depletion

Taking one 1,000-milligram capsule of vitamin C three times a day with meals would be a good start. After a few days, go up a couple more a day, and then wait for a couple of days and go up again and so on, building up a tolerance and a saturation of vitamin C. Linus Pauling took 50,000 milligrams a day and added more if he caught a virus. He was the two-time Nobel Prize winning expert on vitamin C. Understanding the dance between vitamin C and a virus may save a life. A well vitamin C-saturated body is the best defense from catching a virus or outlasting it if it takes hold.

 Dian Freeman is the owner of Certified Holistic Health Counselors, CHHC, and is certified in Ondamed biofeedback. For more information, call 973 267-4816, email or visit

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