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Published on February 28th, 2021 | by Natural Awakenings Publishing Corp.


Emotions and Heart Health

The universal symbol of love is the heart for good reason, because it is the seat of our feelings. We say, “I love you with all my heart, I am heartbroken, I took it to heart, My heart’s not in it, My heart is full of joy and I feel heavy-hearted.” We feel these emptions throughout the body, but it feels like our actual heart organ is the focus because there are invisible energies present.

For good health it is important to eat and sleep well, exercise and to avoid stress. For good heart health we know which specific foods or supplements are good and what types of exercise are better. So we have a lot of information about taking care of ourselves on a physical level.

But we also need to consider the body/ mind connection and how thoughts and feelings affect our health. We know that when we are happy, we feel light-hearted and free. When we are angry or worried or afraid, we feel our heart sink. These physical sensations are telling us the state of our body and heart. What we think and what we feel has a direct bearing on our body.

We know that positive and loving expressions uplift us and make us feel good, but negative thoughts and feelings keep us upset. They can become lodged in our bodies and become a stagnant toxic energy. A heart full of negativity is unsettled. It has no peace. Whether the feeling is anger, blame, resentment or hatred, it can become a block to the natural flow of the energy in our bodies. It hurts our heart physically and energetically.

Sometimes in our attempt to not be negative or angry there is the temptation to suppress those feelings. Unfortunately,  suppressed negative feelings have the same effect, and because they are hidden, it makes it harder to recognize them and let them go.

Other experiences like love and loss are naturally part of our heart journey. Love creates expansion and more love. Loss creates heartbreak and grief, and the heart is where we experience and process them. But held onto for too long, heartbreak and grief can drain us. We must learn when to let go so that our heart can regain its strength and our natural energy flow can resume.

Practicing good heart health is watching what we think and feel, as well as what we eat and drink. We can begin to catch ourselves and become more conscious and aware of our thoughts and feelings. We can relate to our heart as the living entity that it is. Our heart deserves our love and respect. Let’s remember to feed it loving and charitable and compassionate thoughts.

Marina Maurino is a psycho-spiritual teacher/ therapist who integrates psychology, spiritual principles and an energy-based perspective  with her clients. For more information, call 201-967-9377 or visit

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