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Published on June 30th, 2022 | by Natural Awakenings Publishing Corp.


Stressor-Related Trauma in the Energy Body

Stressor-related disorders result from childhood experiences of trauma or stress resulting in emotional dysfunctional behaviors. Example of these disorders include physical/emotional pain related to violence, abuse, neglect or family conflict; parental separation and divorce; witnessing a parent being abused or severely mistreated; being the victim of violence or abuse; emotional or physical neglect; a household move; and the birth of a sibling. The energies in our bodies react in different ways to these type of traumas.

Triple Warmer Reactivity. According to Donna Eden Energy Medicine, Triple Warmer is the meridian that controls our fight, flight or freeze response. Triple Warmer meridian is an energy responsible for our survival. Its responsibility is to keep us safe and protected. In trauma, Triple Warmer can put up a shield or wall of energy to surround and protect us. It creates a state of heightened alert or hypervigilance to help  prepare us for the next trauma or stressor. At the time of the traumatic event or stressor, we need this protection that Triple Warmer offers.

Circulation/Sex Reactivity. Circ/Sex, or pericardium meridian is the heart protector. This reactivity most likely relates to emotional trauma. The purpose of a Circ/Sex response is to protect our heart. However, too much protection or for prolonged periods of time can actually constrict the heart.

The more trauma we experience, the more the Circ/sex and Triple Warmer Reactivity will stay engaged. We are so protected, we can’t move forward. We are held back. We feel blocked, stuck, and limited. Even though we needed these protected energetic states when we were young, for example, or when we were in an abusive relationship, we most likely don’t need these protections forever.

To break through these protections, there are some reactivity poses we can use to release these reactive states. We need to hold these poses every day for at least five minutes and for as long as it takes to remove this protection. It takes time to release the protection because we may have had these operating for many years. There may also be layers of protection built up energetically over the years, especially if we’ve had a varied list of stressors or traumas. Here are two poses to use to release reactive states of protection not needed any more.

Triple Warmer Reactivity Pose. Put your index fingers on your thumbs. Put your thumbs in your temples, and put all the other fingers on your forehead above each eye. Hold for five minutes. It’s best to lie down and prop your elbows up with pillows. Relax into this.

Circulation/Sex Reactivity Pose. Put your middle fingers on your thumbs. Put your thumbs in your temples, and put all the other fingers on your forehead above each eye. Hold for five minutes. Lie down; relax into this.

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