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Published on August 31st, 2022 | by Natural Awakenings Publishing Corp.


Covid 19 : The Fallout

With a great deal of fear and acrimony surrounding COVID for so long, perhaps some of the most important current medical issues have not been paid the attention they deserve. The covering media tend to focus and re-focus on the earlier concerns: prevention, isolation, vaccination and for some, treatment. But little is shared about the enormous epidemic that has superseded direct infection with COVID.  We know little, surely not nearly enough, about the two pandemics that represent the “fallout” of COVID , namely 1) “long COVID”, a wide-ranging constellation of persistent symptoms that befall those who had clinically positive cases of COVID and 2) post-vaccination syndromes. To write a wholly accurate piece on these two mega-problems is not truly possible, as it would require quoting material from sources coming from vastly different “viewpoints” and vastly different statistics to back their claims. This lack of factual clarity is, in fact, a major piece of the problem. Public faith in statistics and studies has been undermined as sharing of data is limited at best, and discovery by citizens is left to a range of sources that may not have access to or offer all the facts. This combination of fear and lack of trust is not a context ideally suited to pulling our citizens together to do our best.

From reports that are partly statistical and partly anecdotal, we know that there is fair amount of overlap between the post-COVID and post-vaccination syndromes, and that any and all body systems can be disaffected in both of these scenarios. But clarity is sorely lacking. We know that those who are vaccinated can nonetheless get COVID; how significant is the difference in severity or mortality? We hear about heart/lung effects and clotting issues that require “d-dimer testing”. What is the percentage affected and how can these effects be prevented? More than 30% of COVID patients lose their hair, fertility may be affected, pregnancy in progress many be terminate, autoimmune and low immune-status conditions may occur and the list goes on. These are not small health matters, but where are the accurate statistics, and how can these situation be handled?

Fortunately, the FLCCC group, for one, is working diligently to create protocols for these “brave new world” situations. Go to their website and you will find protocols for people of all ages that can be followed by lay people. Most physicians would love to find and implement solutions for this new, semi-mysterious category of medical issues to treat their patients. Many pieces of the FLCCC protocols can be administered by patients themselves, but several steps require the assistance of an open-minded, patient-focused physician.

If you suspect that you may be experiencing long COVID or post-vaccine syndromes, if you are experiencing or suspect that changes in your health that are new in onset and challenging to understand/diagnose, do not hesitate to seek the answers and medical assistance you need.  Share what you learn online with your physician, who may be ready to fill in the “medical pieces” of any given protocol and do specific testing to pinpoint your needs.

Hopefully, over time, full transparency will make clear all the hazards and side effects of both COVID and vaccination, enhancing physician efforts to provide optimal service. But if you have CURRENT concerns, you must advocate for yourself NOW and find a physician who will listen, partner with you and provide you with the currently available treatments you need and deserve.

Robin Ellen Leder, M.D., was mentored by Robert Atkins, M.D., author of The Atkins Diet, and has been practicing integrative/alternative medicine for more than 30 years at A Better Alternative Medical Center, in Hackensack.

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