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Published on September 30th, 2022 | by Dr. Doug Pucci


Shed Unwanted Illness and Maintain Health Abundance

Earth is not only the ecosystem where we humans take residence, but it is what gives us life. From freshly grown food to an oxygen-rich atmosphere, vibrant sunshine, warmth and a million other little things in-between, this is exactly why the health of our planet has a direct impact on our own health and longevity.

Just like the Earth, our bodies function as one living organism, complete with various“systems that work together in unison to maintain a certain level of homeostasis. If we look at our bodies as unique individual planets with different bodily‘systems that are also trying to maintain a state of homeostasis, it can help us gain a unique perspective on how we can assess and fine-tune our bodies to create opportunities throughout life for future abundant health.

Not only does Earth experience a wide range of changing seasons, but so do our own states of health. We may face times where we’re sick, confused, stressed out or feel downright lost. We may even feel irritated or out of rhythm. But deep down. we know that if we look close enough, there’s usually something we can do to bring ourselves back into a state of balance and come out of whatever dark season may be troubling our mind or health.

Through science, we are able to look deeply into and even beyond the problems we face, develop analysis through various tests and observations and eventually come to a solution. This is what functional medicine is all about—using the tools of science to problem solve and create abundance.

Just as Mother Nature may feel the need to shed unwanted irritants that may be disrupting the balance of the ecology of the planet, when we look at our own health, we can find what we need to shed from our own lives to improve our health, or even our sanity.

Using a bit of investigative analysis, we can look at and bring change to the problem areas, thereby getting help where it’s needed most. Functional labs help us to see beyond what’s inside the bloodstream and look for patterns within the microbial terrain, for example. This gives us the ability to recognize and apply corrective feedback before it’s too late. The good news is that no matter how lousy we may feel physically or mentally, we have the power to change by harnessing the positive rhythms of our lives.

Noted wellness consultant Barbara De Angelis says, “The moment in-between what you once were and who you are now becoming is where the dance of life really takes place.” If we want to experience the greatest dance, or health, of our lives, then it’s important that we not only tap into the natural rhythms of our bodies, but also treat our bodies as evolving, individual ecosystems. This means paying close attention to how we feel, how we think, and most of all—making adjustments.

We need to feed our bodies, nourish them, allow them to move, give them fresh air and sunlight, and trust that if we shore up any weak spots in our midst, they will return the favor with more abundant health, improved energy and greater personal vitality.

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