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Published on November 30th, 2022 | by Natural Awakenings Publishing Corp.


House Harmony Versus House Hangovers

The residual energy left from the people and events that have happened in a home or business has been known to cause unexplained energy disturbances such as health issues, sleepless nights and unexplained electrical disturbances, or business is slow or stagnant.

Most people have experienced events like these, including some more intense, like hearing sounds but finding no cause for them or feeling as if someone were watching them but no one is there. Sometimes these events are caused by residual energy left by people that visited or inhabited the space before.

There is a term in the real estate industry call a “divorce house”, denoting homes known for having more than one couple that have lived there and ended in divorce. There are also residential and business “stigmatized properties” that are psychologically impacted by events that have occurred or are suspected to have occurred. Then there are buildings where business after business fails, no matter what great idea or value they offer the community.

Some strategies to clear the negative energy include smudging, placement of crystals, prayer, feng shui and more. Dowsing is an ancient art and science of locating energy. There are also professional dowsers trained to identify energy sources within a home or business. They do this by using an energy ring and brass dowsing rods to find energy sources, then employ copper curing rods to amplify positive energy and block or cure negative energy. Once this is done, most clients feel an immediate shift, many describing it like the feeling of fresh air blowing away stagnant energy.

Jeanie Pasquale is the owner of House Harmony. For more information, call 845-709-5245 or visit HouseHarmony.org.

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