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An Integrative Veterinary Approach to Pet Health

by Thomas Brenton

The Animal Hospital of Hasbrouck Heights offers integrative medicine to family dogs and cats. The hospital combines traditional veterinary medicine with safe, pure, medical-grade essential oils. These oils may be used to address numerous illnesses and health issues, but also to maintain good health and longevity in our pets. Essential oils offer complementary therapy that typically enhance other therapies, and are best used under the supervision of a veterinarian. In some cases, essential oils may offer an effective and inexpensive, treatment or a simple cure for a pet’s condition.

Mia K. Frezzo, DVM, is the owner of the Animal Hospital of Hasbrouck Heights, and an accredited veterinarian by the American Animal Hospital Association. She states, “A holistic and natural approach with high-quality food, supplements such as omega-3 fatty acids, probiotics and other natural products will help to safeguard pets against illness. Annual blood work, even in healthy pets, is highly recommended to thoroughly evaluate and provide early detection of illness. Blood tests and other diagnostic testing may be recommended more often for certain conditions. Greater success is achieved when instituted early in the course of an ailment or disease, and also when a combination of traditional and complementary veterinary medicine is administered.”

Recent statistics reported by The Veterinary Cancer Society state that 50 percent of pet dogs over 10 years of age are diagnosed with cancer. Dogs often serve as a model species for studying the disease due to their high incidence of cancer. The rate is also high among cats. Overall, cancer is a major concern in our society.

Several risk factors for cancer have been identified, and steps may be taken to help our pets live a long and healthy life. Similar to people, pets’ hereditary lines and genetics play a role in the development of cancer. Knowing the family history may assist a veterinarian in performing more thorough physical examinations, blood tests and diagnostic imaging tests to identify the presence of cancer early.

Conditions that can be alleviated or avoided entirely by pet owners include exposure to toxins, chemicals and pesticides, artificial fragrances, aerosols and harsh cleaning products. Convert to natural cleaning agents, buy organic, minimally processed foods and provide complete nutrition with supplements. Good nutrition and a strong immune system support healthy organ function. Essential oils containing compounds that are bioactive and bioavailable can have a profound influence on the body. Several pure, medical-grade essential oils have been proven antitumoral and supportive to the immune system, with potent antioxidant capability.

Location: 180 Boulevard, Hasbrouck Heights. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 201-288-7800, or visit VetInHeights.com.

About the Author

Thomas Brenton is a contributing author for Natural Awakenings of Northern New Jersey.

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