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Published on July 31st, 2020 | by Natural Awakenings Publishing Corp.


Seven Benefits of Energy Healing

by Linda Armstrong

1 There is a noticeable shift in how we feel: After an energy healing session, most people will feel noticeably lighter than before the session—maybe even euphoric. Because energy that is not supporting us is released from our field, new light and new energy is downloaded into our cells. Negative energy is released and supportive, positive energy is returned.

2 Subconscious blocks are removed: Our subconscious mind is running the show. Most of our thoughts are subconscious. If we stop to listen to some of those thoughts, we would be amazed at how many are knocking us down and beating us up. An energy healer can uncover these subconscious blocks and release them. There are many methods that transform these subconscious blocks to new beliefs and open up to healing and creating new possibilities.

3 Emotional trauma associated with past experience is released: This is where energy healing really takes the lead in healing. Drugs cannot clear emotional trauma; they can put a Band-Aid on the problem, but cannot get to the root causes that created the problem. Most of the time, the actual original trauma cannot be known by the mind alone. An experience that we might feel caused the problem may just be a restimulation of an older trauma. The original trauma is stored in the subconscious mind.

4 Ancestral patterns and programs are removed: Much of what holds us back in life and creates problems within the body comes from ancestral programs that are running in the subconscious. These are not easy to find on our own, let alone release. An experienced energy healer that is very intuitive can uncover these patterns and programs, bringing them up to the surface to be seen and released.

5 Energetic ties to negative energies and experiences that are not supportive are cleared: We are energy beings, and everything around us is also created out of energy vibrating at certain frequencies. We have energetic ties to everything in our existence. During healing sessions, the ties to any of the unsupportive energies of past experiences, places, homes, relationships, accidents and people can be released. Only the energy ties that were not for our highest good are released—all others remain. This is extremely freeing.

6  Empowering beliefs are instilled: Once negative, unsupportive energy is released, we can create new beliefs and new ways of being with the modalities of Theta Healing and the GATE method. Both work on the theta brainwave, which is very suggestible. It is a very meditative process that the client is very aware of. We all have free will, so an energy healer can never create new beliefs without permission.

7  New energy and enthusiasm is gained for transformation: Many times, people are depressed, anxious, fearful, full of worries, lost, a failure or feel powerless to make change, but in just one hour, they feel a shift. They again become empowered because new light has come in. New possibilities are coming in, new enthusiasm and vision for their future is born.

Energy healing is a personal journey. Whether it is physical, emotional or spiritual, energy healing can create big positive changes.

Linda Armstrong is the owner of Pure Love Energy, LLC, located at 17  Washington St., in Tenafly, NJ. For more information, call 201-888-5832, email Linda@LoveMyLife.coach or visit LoveMyLife.coach.

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