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Published on February 28th, 2021 | by Natural Awakenings Publishing Corp.


Limiting Beliefs Foil Weight Loss Goals

When trying to release excess weight and struggling to see the results we want, there’s likely a missing piece that hasn’t been considered. Initially, the most common response is to adjust our diet or exercise harder, but this may yield only temporary results that prove unsustainable. Nutrition and exercise aren’t always enough.

There may be a emotional, spiritual or mental block keeping food and exercise from nourishing and healing the body and supporting weight loss goals. This includes limiting beliefs, scripts or stories that run in the back of our mind and keep us from reaching our potential. They constrain us and squeeze us in ways that are opposed to our most authentic desires and create conflict where our beliefs and desires don’t match.

We can use willpower alone to adopt a healthy lifestyle for some length of time, but the moment willpower is depleted, the limiting belief takes over and our actions no longer match our desires or goals. Limiting beliefs that affect healing and weight loss cause self-sabotage, make it hard to stick to a plan consistently or keep the body from moving into a hormonally supportive state to help release excess weight.

Addressing and replacing limiting beliefs is part of tending to the mind-body connection to create a supportive environment to reach our weight or health goals. Some common examples include, “I’ll always be overweight.” Losing weight is impossible. I’m doomed to be this way forever.”

We may have received these messages growing up or identified with them after gaining weight. Examine the roots of these limiting beliefs and replace them with the thought that we are beautiful and live in a body we love.

Transforming the body requires the right approach, consistency and persistence. Sometimes difficulties in these areas contribute to the limiting beliefs. Instead, examine their source, change our mindset to a cocoon of self-love and transform with ease.

While genetics may play a certain role, it’s not the only determining factor. Limiting beliefs that tell us weight is genetic will especially lead to self-sabotage, lack of consistency and keep us from finding the approach that works best.

Pay attention to where we first picked up this belief, such as parents or other family members in childhood. Perhaps we overheard someone else saying this about themselves and subconsciously adopted it ourselves, Once we discover the root of this limiting belief, replace it with a belief in the infinite possibility of change.

If you have the limiting belief, that weight loss is the only route to happiness in life, we nay not be able to create the life we truly want and desire because it keeps us stuck in a state of deprivation, stress and unhappiness. When we’re stuck in these states, we’re working against our bodies’ hormonal and energetic systems that can support excess weight release.

Transforming the body requires a certain amount of work, but it does not mean that we must deprive ourselves of food or indulge in punishing workouts. For some people, stepping into a space where they focus on relaxation, pleasure and self-care will speed along the release of excess weight.

 Aarti Awatramani is an Intuitive Health Coach, Shaman, and the founder of Intuitively Well, a platform devoted to liberating women from the cloud of chronic health conditions, excess weight, and hormonal imbalances. For more information, call 914-809-0188 or visit IntuitivelyWell.com.


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