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Published on June 30th, 2021 | by Natural Awakenings Publishing Corp.


Our Thoughts Can Energize or De-Energize Us

by Anne Deatly


Thoughts are energy and thoughts have power. Thought energies travel as electromagnetic waves from our minds to the universe. If we think thoughts of low vibrational frequency—fear, shame, grief, anger, worry. resentment and guilt, we will attract more low vibrational frequencies into our life. If we think thoughts of high vibrational frequencies, we attract more high vibrational frequencies into our life. High-frequency vibrations include courage, willingness, acceptance, love, joy, peace and enlightenment.


Low-vibrational frequency thoughts bring us down, weaken us and de-energize us. Negative thoughts drain the life out of us and are really anti-life. High vibrational frequency thoughts energize us and give us more life.


In his book As a Man Thinketh, James Allen points out that our thoughts make us what we are and create what happens in our lives. We need to be conscious of our thoughts. Allen states, “We are the masters of thought, the molders of character and the makers and shapers of condition, environment and destiny.”


We should use our thoughts wisely. We have a choice in what we think about. Our inner critic loves to criticize us rather than recognize our strengths, our talents and our good deeds. Most people are searching for more positive energy frequencies in their lives because they want more joy, peace and love. They want to feel happy and energized as they go through their lives. People want to be optimally healthy and be optimally functional, creative, and productive. People want to enjoy life and be themselves.


It is all under our control, and starts with our thoughts and beliefs. An energy system called the radiant circuits responds to our thoughts. If our thoughts are uplifting and energizing, the radiant circuits are activated. If our thoughts are draining and negative, then the radiant circuits are de-activated.


The radiant circuits are the energies of excitement, enthusiasm, ecstasy, joy, falling in love, rapture and hope. They work by opening channels to help distribute energy or get the energy moving. Our positive thoughts will activate this energy and change our day.


A simple exercise to activate these radiant circuits and get out of negativity is dancing the 8s. Just dance around while making large and small figure-8s with our arms. Make figure 8s in front, behind and above. Even put your favorite music on and dance this exercise to the music. We really can’t be in a negative funk while dancing the 8s.


For more information, call energy medicine practitioner Dr. Anne Deatly, Ph.D., at 201-925-1046 or email Anne.Deatly@gmail.com

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