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Published on September 30th, 2021 | by Natural Awakenings Publishing Corp.


When Intuitive Eating Doesn’t Work

Sometimes people struggle with intuitive eating (IE) because it leads to feeling more out of control with food. Here are some reasons why this might be happening.

Seeing intuitive eating as a diet rather than a way of relating to food. Many people begin their intuitive eating journey with hopes of naturally losing weight by listening to hunger and fullness signals. While intuitive eating may result in weight loss for some people, it is not the case for everyone. More importantly, the pursuit of weight loss itself may be interrupting the body’s natural ability to become attuned to its natural signals. Instead, approach IE as a way of healing a relationship with food. When food becomes more neutral, we make room for authentic intuitive eating.

It hasn’t been long enough. The beginning of the IE journey can be rocky. There is often an initial honeymoon phase of eating more food than usual because the food rules are lifted and we allow a wider variety of foods. This is a completely normal experience, especially if there is a history of restrictive diets. Moving through the phases of IE can take many months. Instead, take more time and trust the process.

Confusion about what intuitive eating really is. Without reading the book or working with a trained IE counselor, we may not truly understand the principles. Intuitive eating is a practice of rejecting the diet mentality, challenging old food rules and learning how to feel hunger and fullness without guilt. These practices often require the support of a coach trained to guide clients through each stage thoroughly and effectively. Spend time getting to know the IE philosophy and find a coach to support the journey.


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