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Published on October 31st, 2021 | by Martin Miron


Healthy Meals Delivered

The great thing about money is that when we have it, we don’t have to think about it. The same thing can be said about health. When we live healthfully, we can go through life with greater ease and most likely never fear getting a call from the doctor with bad news. On the other hand, good health must be continually cultivated by exercising, expanding our social network, being selective and mindful regarding the media we expose ourselves to and consuming enjoyable, nutritious food.

Donn Gross states, “I started Meals to Heal Catering, a healthy, plant-based home delivery service, two years ago to provide folks with nutritious and delicious meals, delivered right to their door. Many people appreciate the importance of food upon their health, but they may not possess the know-how or the time to prepare great meals. The goal of Meals to Heal is to provide healthy and delicious food at an affordable price. We are dedicated to the healthful and sustainable lifestyle and care for you, our customer, and this drives our attentiveness to detail and creativity.”

A vegetarian for 18 years, his brother’s cancer diagnosis motivated Gross to study the anti-cancer lifestyle. “I came across this fascinating study which caused a major shift in my life and perspective. Experimenters dripped garlic juice on cancer cells and the cancer cells died! The fact that food we eat could combat cancer inspired and excited me.” Since then, he has introduced hundreds of people to a vegan diet.

The meals are well balanced and packed with nutrients, following the protocols of doctors such as Neal Barnard, Michael Greger, Joel Fuhrman, Michael Klaper and Caldwell Esselstyn. Each meal is roughly between 500 to 600 calories and is quite filling because of the high fiber content, with very little oil and small amounts of sweetener to balance the tastes in savory dishes. They slightly under-salt the dishes, allowing people to adjust seasoning to their liking. The Chef’s Menu changes weekly to maintain interest and excitement. The standard service is eight meals for $99.

“We like to spice our food to add interest and taste and anti-inflammatory healing properties, but not everyone prefers spices. Some people like their food to be more toned down. Some people have sensitivity to gluten or tomatoes, some dislike corn and cranberries. And of course the list of allergies is lengthy,” says Gross. “We try to work with everyone and customize our food to their liking. We go to great lengths to fulfill the wishes of our customers by changing recipes or making separate containers of food with the ingredients they need and most of the time we satisfy the customer. Even people with IBS have found that our meals sit comfortably and digest easily in their stomachs.”

Gross likes to provide food for joyous occasions to share the gift of health and happiness with friends and family. He states, “Assisting and inspiring people to health are our raison d’etre. In the end, if you love food that tastes great, looks beautiful and treats your body and the planet well, Meals to Heal Catering is for you!”

Donn Gross – Owner of Meals to Heal, a daily healthy meal service. Call 973-226-9170 or visit MealstoHealCatering@gmail.com.

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