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Published on January 31st, 2023 | by Natural Awakenings Publishing Corp.


Musings of the Heart

To help celebrate Heart Health Month and Valentine’s Day, take a moment to enjoy this selection of Musings from a former pioneer in holistic healing. Breathe deeply; pause between each of them; take in life’s energy and reflect and connect with your intentions and loved ones.

Teaching is for the mind;
healing is for the heart.

A daily healing invocation:
I open my heart
for the Spirit to pass
onto those
who want Healing through me.

The heart is the way to the Soul.
The more open the heart, the
more the Soul is revealed.

This may well be the best description of Healing:
The healer opens his heart, his
love pouring out from him to
enfold the sufferer, to bring
him into his expanded aura.

And the sufferer, feeling this
love, opens his heart to enter
the healer’s.

As a holistic healer for almost fifty years who had his practice in his home, Dr. John Diamond (1934-2021) said he wanted to try to make his home a hearth, where the life energy, the heart flame, the flame of love and life of the sufferer may be rekindled to blaze anew.
He saw his heart as a flaming beacon for the sufferer lost in distress. Not to come for a fixed time, but to spend time, to visit, living not by the clock, but by the heart. And home can be any place one feels love in their heart. Diamond’s musings, of which he wrote hundreds, are individual pearls of wisdom, each created with the intention of raising the life energy of the reader. Read more at DrJohnDiamond.com. ~ Susan Diamond

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