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Clearing Negative Emotions

by Erica Hill

Emotions add flavor, color, interest and dimension to life. Think about the joy and happiness that are experienced in friendships, romantic relationships, family ties or the birth of a child. To live without emotions would reduce life to mere existence.

Some emotions, however, can be difficult to handle. These can include anxiety, fear, sorrow, depression, hopelessness and anger. Even if the situations that created them occurred a long time ago, they can still be the source of difficulties years or even decades later in subtle ways. In fact much suffering can be due to negative emotional energy that has become “trapped” within the body. Even just one trapped emotion can create physical, emotional or life problems.

When we have a negative experience, sometimes the emotions are not completely processed. So, instead of simply experiencing the life event and related emotions and moving on, they can lodge in the body and potentially cause both physical and emotional stress because the energy of the emotion has become stuck or trapped. An example of this is grief. Long after the death of a loved one, just the mention of that person’s name or a memory of a shared experience can bring tears to one’s eyes.

Struggling with something can’t quite be identified, not being able to achieve a career or relationship goal or successfully following a life path that we have set out on can be the result of these trapped emotions. We may have had the feeling of carrying and being affected by past events and emotions or somehow being sabotaged. This is not uncommon, and individuals often look to psychotherapy or counseling for help. While symptoms can be addressed by those means, the underlying cause may not be, and the trapped emotions continue to sabotage our efforts to move forward or change our lives in meaningful and real ways.

Trapped emotions can be at the root of pain, malfunctioning of organs and glands, and can contribute to issues of depression, anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, eating disorders, self-sabotaging behavior or even post-traumatic stress disorder. They can possibly lead to serious other health issues as the body continues to experience the emotion for years or even decades. Removing that trapped emotion changes how people feel and react in different situations.

There is another way to affect the shifts that are so often needed. Emotional rebalancing allows for identification of the emotions that are holding us back in some way, causing particular reactions to various situations, creating difficulties in relationships or even experience physical symptoms such as fatigue, body discomfort or illness.

Getting rid of these trapped emotions is a wonderful step to increasing our own happiness, feelings of well-being, health and improved relationships with family, friends and coworkers. Emotional rebalancing allows us to do this quickly and easily. Kinesiology, or muscle testing, is used to identify the emotions that need to be released, one at a time. Next, they are released by using a magnet going down the spine. Typically, four to nine emotions are released during a session.

Erica Hill is a certified natural health care educator and Emotion Code practitioner in Ridgewood, NJ. To schedule an appointment call Alternatives For Wellness at 201-444-7407.

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Erica Hill is a certified natural health care educator and Emotion Code practitioner in Ridgewood, NJ. To schedule an appointment,call Alternatives For Wellness at 201-444-7407, or visit

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