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Published on July 26th, 2017 | by Thomas Brenton


Why We Gain Weight from Carbohydrates

First of all, don’t think of eating carbohydrates as our rival. They are a fuel source for the body, just not the best source. Carbohydrate consumption is known to contribute to weight gain and excess body fat; however, this can be avoided by consuming healthier types of carbohydrates and sticking to some kind of managed daily allowance.

After the body converts carbohydrates into glucose, any leftover fuel gets converted into a polysaccharide called glycogen. The liver and muscles store glycogen for later use as energy, and quickly turns it back to glucose when needed. The issue is that glycogen tends to make muscle tissues hold onto extra water, ultimately making the number on the weight scale increase.

Ideally, we want to use fat as our energy source, and if we’re eating right and drinking plenty of PH-balanced water, weight loss becomes less of a struggle. When we dramatically reduce our carbohydrate intake, weight loss can occur rather quickly because when we do this, we’re burning up the body’s storage of glycogen, forcing the muscles to release the extra water weight.

Some aspects of the weight-loss industry have come a long way from the days of caffeine pills, ab-buster gizmos and liposuction. Over the last two decades, Franca Di Lisio, a chiropractor in Little Falls, New Jersey, has made it her mission to research, test, validate and employ the most cutting-edge weight loss methods and technologies. As a result, she has developed proprietary programs tailored to the individual that take the guesswork out of trimming down while improving health. For the next several months, Di Lisio is offering a complimentary weight loss consultation to new patients interested in learning about the latest and most effective weight loss methods currently available.

Franca Di Lisio, DC, owns and operates a wellness center at 201 Lower Notch Rd., Ste. 2B, in Little Falls. For more information, call 973-938-4400, email or visit

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Thomas Brenton is a contributing author for Natural Awakenings of Northern New Jersey.

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