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Published on October 31st, 2018 | by Vanessa H. Silverstone


The Health Coach That Reclaimed Her Own Health

by Vanessa H. Silverstone

Dana Rose, a certified integrative health coach and advocate, and owner of Bergen county-based Zen Theory Nutrition, struggled for years with poor health and continuously ran into dead ends while seeking solutions through traditional medicine. Her symptoms ranged from constant fatigue, multiple headaches each week, vertigo, cognitive impairment, joint pain, stiffness, heart palpitations, kidney stones, weight gain and depression. Rose had always been an active person, and was typically upbeat and high-functioning, but her life started to deteriorate in 2007. Her usual routine was plagued with pain and lethargy, her desire to participate in the things she loved had waned, and she wanted answers.

From the list of symptoms, a friend suggested that her symptoms may be related to a metabolism issue, which prompted her to get the appropriate diagnostic testing. Rose was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, an autoimmune disorder indicating an underactive thyroid. This gave her an answer to some of her questions about specific symptoms. With a clear diagnosis, she could begin the process of healing with some direction.

Rose researched hypothyroidism, cut out foods that aggravated her condition, went on a strict Paleo diet and was convinced this was the answer, until her improved health plateaued. She was still experiencing extreme fatigue, weekly headaches, joint pain, and was still overweight, despite having “regulated” thyroid levels. Her depression had lifted somewhat, but no other symptoms had improved over the next year, and she became discouraged.

Rose consulted a few endocrinologists, but they all said the same thing—that her thyroid levels were fine and there was nothing wrong with her, but there was. No one was listening and time was ticking away, as she had spent two years trying to find a solution to her health challenges without any real solution yet in sight.

Rose soon wrote 100 letters to doctors participating in her health plan in hopes of finding one that could solve her puzzle. Her requirements were simple; the doctor would be open to alternative research, understand the role that nutrition plays in thyroid health and overall health, would not afraid to say that they don’t know something and weren’t intimidated or threatened when a patient would advocate for themselves. Out of the 100 letters sent, four doctors responded, three of the four thought they were the right fit for Rose, but all were eventually disqualified. One of the four doctors explained that she realized that she was not a match for Rose’s needs, but referred her to a holistic, integrative internal medical doctor. The initial appointment was made and the answers began to be revealed.

After a two rounds of  blood tests with more than 20 vials of blood drawn for each round, Rose’s new, holistic doctor diagnosed her with lead and mercury toxicity, Candida, Epstien-Barr virus, and Lyme disease. The doctor also ruled out celiac, IBS, Crohn’s, parasites, liver dysfunction, heart issues, hormonal imbalances, neurological disorders and vitamin deficiencies There were finally some clear-cut answers and also a clear direction to Rose’s recovery.

After multiple detox programs, dietary changes, supplements and medication, Rose has resolved her lead and mercury toxicity and Candida, and has her Lyme disease and Epstein-Barr under control and inactive. Through this process, she, like many others, has learned a great deal about taking responsibility for her health.

Rose became an integrative health coach and founded Zen Theory Nutrition to help others resolve their health issues through holistic and integrative means. The process of getting the body well, strong and working at optimal levels takes time, patience and sometimes a bit of experimentation. Many people do not have the patience to take charge of their health, and many mainstream doctors do not have the time or patience to listen, explore and understand the bigger health picture of their patients. All protocols do not work the same way for everyone with the same ailments. There are variables for each individual. Rose understands that people are constantly changing, and that our perception and understanding of our personal healing process needs to change with it.

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Vanessa H. Silverstone is a contributing writer for Natural Awakenings magazine.

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