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Published on December 31st, 2020 | by Natural Awakenings Publishing Corp.


Tips to Raise Our Vibration

by Linda Armstrong

 We are light, we are love; reclaim the power and shine the light, the world needs us. Here are some tips on how to do it.

Master Thoughts: Check in regularly on how high or low our vibration is at any moment in time. Take notice of what we are actually feeling on a scale of one to 10. Ten equals a high vibe, feeling awesome, excited to create our desires. One equals low vibe, full of doubt and fear that anything could ever change.

To master those thoughts, pay attention to our vibration. Once we tune in to how we feel at any moment throughout the day, we can see which thoughts are causing a low vibe. Then make a conscious decision to flip to thoughts of what we really want in your life. Thinking and feeling what it will help to achieve it.

 Master Beliefs: A belief is just a thought we keep thinking. When becoming aware of our vibration. notice when our vibe is dipping and then search our thoughts. When we spot a thought that is pulling us down, stop, look at it, own that it’s just a thought and then cancel it.

Say out load, “Cancel that!” Then flip it to a thought that you do want, tell the universe, “I cancel that order, I’d rather ask for this (what ever you really do want).” Know that the universe knows only one word—yes. Whatever we ask for is being prepared for delivery. This really brings home the point of only asking for what we do want. Cancel and reprogram all that other stuff.

 Change the Story: With anything that feels wrong in our life, we have the power to pull ourselves out of the picture and look at it objectively. Decide that we will not allow this story to define us. Be objective and rewrite the story. Take the power back by deciding how this story will change. We don’t have to engage in or be an actor in that old story. Create a new one. Thoughts really do become things.

We have the will and power to change the story. Once we rewrite the story, the negative energy will release and our vibration will begin to rise. Solutions will begin to open up to us.

 Practice Allowing: When we go into judgement and decide that the way of being that someone else is living is wrong, we immediately lower our vibration. No matter how wrong it feels to us, it is not our story, it’s theirs, let them have it. Trust that there is a purpose to it and that they will figure it out.

If they come to us for guidance on how to shift out of their story, this is wonderful and we can totally assist them in moving forward. We just don’t want to judge them, only help them through the love in our heart, not the stories in our mind. There is a lesson in everything if we only just allow it and free our mind up enough to consider there is something to be learned here.

Spread The Love: Love is the highest vibration. The way to hold the high vibe of love is to share it. The basic Law of Attraction is what we send out is what we receive back. As we send love out, we receive more back, and will be surprised at how wonderful things will manifest in our life.

Send love to everyone we see as we walk throughout our day. It only takes thought and intention for the energy to be sent. Wherever we intentionally send your love, it will go. Send love to anything: people, pets, plants, a situation, a place, our car, our home and especially our food. Everything and anything, there are no limits to sending love. Love creates magic, Love heals all.

Connect with Spirit: The more you play with this connection the easier and stronger it will become. Simply start by stating our intention. “Spirit, I ask to make a deeper connection with you, I know that you are always with me, and I now ask to deepen that connection so that I can consciously work with you to assist me in manifesting a life I love,”

Start a dialog and ask spirit to send a sign so that we know this connection is real. Ask for something specific, like a feather of a particular bird, or ask that they send something that gets our attention. There are no coincidences—spirit has many ways to connect with us.

 Reclaim Power: We have power beyond belief to heal ourselves and create all that w desire in our life. It might take a little practice to see this, but we can do this by becoming aware of our vibration.

Linda Armstrong is the owner of Pure Love Energy, LLC, located at 17 Washington St., in Tenafly, NJ. For more information, call 201- 888-5832, email or visit

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