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Published on May 31st, 2022 | by Dr. Doug Pucci


Better Health and Fitness For Men of All Ages

Dad strength as that almost superhuman ability an older dad wields over his younger son—an edge he has in situations that call for a bit of extra strength (and a desire to show who’s boss). Try hauling that armoire up from the basement and out to the curb all alone, then call Dad over to get it done. More than muscle, dad strength is equal parts experience and stubbornness, with a flash of cunning to boot.

There is something to dad strength beyond just hormones and biology; it’s rooted in being a good human and thinking about the planet as a whole. That softer side to dad strength cares about the well-being of others and champions kindness. The good news is that with practice, it is possible to become well-grounded and more capable as a middle-aged dad than ever before by using powerful soft dad skills.

Accept New Challenges: Active dads stay strong and both men and women respond well to “shocking” the systems as they age. An example would be changing up their routine to incorporate something new. The trick is to make it both refreshing to the body and sustainable long-term, so start by taking up the challenge and then figuring out how to make those changes stick.

Take for example the desire to drop some weight. Instead of deciding time to hit the gym (again), take 15 minutes each morning to hydrate with a microbiome-boosting water tonic followed by a five-minute brisk walk, bodyweight lunges and then a protein-fueled recovery drink. Repeat those 15 minutes daily for 30 days and keep going.

Break Bad Habits: We often think of middle age as the beginning of a slow decline, when in fact it’s time to reflect on what is working and what is not. What worked in our 20s and 30s can be self-defeating into our next decades. Anyone still eating take-out two or three times a week, skimping on veggies and binging on ice cream at night past a certain age will start to have problems with their health.

Consider that afternoon cup of coffee—and how much of it is habit and that stuck-in-the-rut feeling. If the real goal is to improve stamina and have mental energy throughout the day, then shake things up by actively engaging the higher brain. Start by grabbing the time and money spent on that run to the coffee shop and swapping it out for a bit of self-improvement. Find a simple stretch or meditative routine as a reward for years to come with greater peace, composure and calm.

Retire With Grace: After a long day of hard work, it’s tempting to do nothing but flop onto the couch. While relaxation is rejuvenating to our bodies, so much time is wasted flipping through social media or ranting at the television. Small gains brought on throughout the day start to stack up into great health achievements, only to be knocked down at night as fatigue sets in.

Even if combing through nightly emails is a necessary task, our brains favor the ritual of good sleep. At night while we sleep is the time when our brains can finally harness systems of the body that promote detoxification. Embrace sleep hygiene and begin a practice of retiring quietly to a cool, calm and dark bedroom.

In reality, dad strength is simply a way of getting dads to watch out for themselves in the same way that they’ve watched out for their families and friends throughout their lives. Show Dad some love with a few kind words about his own unique strengths and then give him ideas for how to develop even greater skill.

Dr. Doug Pucci, founder of Pucci Wellness, is a functional medicine doctor specializing in immune system health, autoimmunity and hormonal shifts caused by latent virus infections and long-haul COVID. To learn the warning signs of an immune health system run amok, visit GetWell-Now.com/webinar.

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