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Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Releases Blockages

Having great health does not have to be as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack. The functions that naturally defend against illness and promote healing are already present within our biology. Factors such as stress, poor nutrition, infections, environmental hazards, injuries, and even age-related degeneration disrupt the processes responsible for maintaining good health. The best approach to restoring good health involves rejuvenating the body’s own physical capabilities.
Balance is the key ingredient to being able to make the most profound and lasting improvements in wellness. The problem is that most health programs exclude balancing the body, which eventually results in the creation of new, and potentially more challenging, problems to fix. Therefore, the often-overlooked first step to healing is to balance the body. When the imbalances that led to the ailment in the first place are corrected, the body can naturally enter a state of excellent health.
We are constantly bombarded with remedies and modalities all claiming to be the magic bullet to cure anything without side effects. One less publicized form of treatment, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF), has been proven to alleviate a wide range of health ailments such as pain relief and tissue regeneration at a cellular level in studies.
At the cutting edge of PEMF technology is a device called ONDAMED, which has the unique ability to detect imbalances in the body using a form of pulse biofeedback. Once those imbalances are detected, the practitioner is able to form a program using gentle, low-level frequencies that are entirely safe and able to correct imbalances within the human physiology. These imbalances are often associated with disease, injury and degeneration. The basic theory of ONDAMED is to heal the body through the most fundamental of ways, by stimulating its own regenerative powers.
Franklin Lakes Hypnosis & Wellness Center utilizes the ONDAMED device as a part of their focus on healing the body and mind for optimal wellness. Kevin Golz, the group’s practitioner of the device, has been involved with ONDAMED since 2007, when he discovered the benefits as a client. He describes, “At the time. I had tried various treatment programs with little success. Upon hearing about it [ONDAMED], I was skeptical of its capabilities. In the end, the two main selling points that made me want to try ONDAMED were that it was doctor recommended and had no side effects. It did not take long to notice the benefits after just one session.”
Now with years of experience as a practitioner, Golz elaborates on how the device works, “The client wears an applicator on their neck, which sends different frequencies through the tissues of the body. When there is an imbalance, I will be able to detect it by analyzing the client’s pulse. In a sense, the body tells me where it needs help. After the scan is complete, based on the readings I get from the pulse, I will initiate the programs that have a self-regulating and balancing affect on specific parts of the body.”
It is quite extraordinary that our body has such an amazing ability to naturally heal itself. ONDAMED has the unique capability to release blockages and give us a jump-start on our journey towards natural healing and balance.
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