Published on December 28th, 2013 | by Thomas Brenton


DNA Support Supplements Can Reverse Aging

Telomeres are compounds that cap the ends of the 23 pairs of chromosomes in every human cell, and their function in the body appears to be protecting the DNA in those chromosomes and the chromosomes themselves from fraying and damage. Our bodies manufacture the enzyme telomerase, which keeps telomeres strong.

But as time passes, we produce less telomerase, resulting in the telomeres growing shorter. As they shorten, it’s like a clock counting down in our bodies: shorter telomeres means more fraying on the strands of DNA and chromosomes, and scientists speculate that it causes aging.

Sisel’s TS-X is a nutritionally based product that supports telomere health. It has the power to make users feel younger, like stepping into a time machine and emerging in their prime. Supplementing with TS-X supports healthy function of the telomeres that protect the ends of chromosomes, supports healthy cognitive function and the health of the brain, promotes the healthy function of DNA replication, supports cellular health, promotes the healthy structure and function of organ, enhances efforts to fight aging, and may help people feel incredibly younger.


For more information, call Michael Kohan at 917-470-0311 email MichaelKohan@gmail.com, or visit Nutrition.Mytsx.com.

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