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Published on April 1st, 2014 | by Natural Awakenings Staff


New Treatment for Headache, Migraine, Neck and Face Pain

by Martin Miron

Most people have never thought about discussing their symptoms of headache, migraine, neck and face pain or even TMJ/jaw pain with a dentist. Historically, it has been commonplace to speak to a general practitioners or specialists about these conditions and their symptoms simply because those were the only medical professionals we could turn to for help. This is no longer the case. The pain paradigm has shifted—to modern dentistry.

The fields of dentistry and sports science have come a very long way over the last few years. Recent advancements in technology, coupled with a more sophisticated understanding of dental-related forces have completely altered the diagnosis and treatment landscape for these types of pain. It makes perfect sense; who knows more about the neuromuscular regions of the head, neck, face, temporomandibular joints and teeth? A dentist does, not a physician.

Approximately five years ago, a dentist that had been successfully treating headache and migraine patients got together with the neurophysiologist that invented the cold laser. Together, they patented a protocol for helping patients suffering for years from chronic headache and migraine symptoms. Dr. Richard Ekstein and his staff at New Jersey Headache Relief Center trained directly under these doctors. Ekstein is proud to say that he is the first to bring this groundbreaking technology to New Jersey.

He says, “We now understand that bite force imbalance plays the leading role in not only headache and migraine suffering, but also TMD/jaw, head and neck pain. These conditions are now all treatable, and long-lasting pain relief can finally be achieved. Although TMJ/TMD has been part of many practitioners’ prosthodontic training, they now have a way of treating the root cause and helping patients eliminate their pain without the patient having to resort to wearing an orthotic for the rest of their life.”

Ekstein and his staff are among an elite group of 420 dentists in the country that have been taught these patented methods to relieve the symptoms of headaches and migraines without the use of surgery or drugs. The diagnosis involves computer technologies to analyze the bite forces in the mouth, as well as comprehensive range of motion examinations of the muscles in the head and neck.

“Understand that the head is a dynamic structure that requires balance and harmony of the teeth, muscles, nerves and joints in order to function free of pain. These cutting-edge therapies used to achieve balance and harmony for lasting pain relief are not available through a physician,” he says.

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